We are at R+T Stuttgart Exhibition
between 26 Feb- 03 Mar 2018
with our new collections, innovations and products.

We will launch our web site containing our new collections, innovations and products to your interests during the exhibition.

Skyroof Retractable 2019


The New Generation Retractable Skyroof with advance features was launched with a splendid celebration.

 With the privilege of being the first system in the world in providing water and air insulation in a flat structure, with a synchronized panel movement retracting aluminium panels pergola system is presented to the market.

 As a result of comfort oriented improvements, Skyroof Retractable, which attracts attention with an ambitious ceiling opening rate of 79%, also offers Polyurethane Filled Panels with “Stay Clean” featured panels which has got an “Internal Inclination”.

 Thanks to the “Ventilation Mode” which enables fresh air come through the panels to the indoor area. In the meantime drain the rainwater in the flat system with a thickness of 23.5 cm.

 With “Interlock” and “Multi-Sealing” features, silently moving panels are also attracting attention.

 Customised product for the specific users and projects give the variety of different options from colour to lighting, from glass closures to shading. Basicly many details have been thought and perfectly resolved.

 Palmiye is pleased to present the Retractable Skyroof with these unique innovations.