We are at R+T Stuttgart Exhibition
between 26 Feb- 03 Mar 2018
with our new collections, innovations and products.

We will launch our web site containing our new collections, innovations and products to your interests during the exhibition.


New Sound Logo for Palmiye

Palmiye is proud to begin work with DB Recording Studios and in particular with the founder Dag Helge-a talented musician from the city of Bergen, Norway who has composed the new signature tune for Palmiye. It was exceptional to sit and talk to him, and experience how he intertwines his passion for music and beauty into his song writing. ‘The music for Palmiye was born when I saw the exclusive pictures of Palmiye. I was immediately inspired to write a piece that would evoke a relaxed, luxurious and stylish feeling. The thing that makes this music so suitable for Palmiyes’ products, are the moods that are created when the product and the music are put together. The view from my studio gives unique possibilities for extra inspiration which is something that is vital in the process of music writing and working with melodies and moods. Whether the weather is clear with a beautiful shinning still ocean, or stormy with huge waves that crash up over the studio, it is always an incredibly useful tool for an artist.’